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'Until the End of Time' is the seventh studio album, and third posthumous album by 2Pac. It follows his previous posthumous albums 'R U Still Down? (Remember Me)' and 'Still I Rise'. The album consists of material recorded while the rapper was on Death Row Records from 1995-1996. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. A majority of the music compositions were remixed from their original state. Highly anticipated, 'Until the End of Time' was ultimately one of the best selling hip hop albums of 2001. The core vocal tracks and some instrumentation was recorded during and after the 'All Eyez On Me' and 'Makaveli: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory' sessions.




    1. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja
    2. Fuck Friendz
    3. Lil' Homies
    4. Let 'Em Have It (Feat. SKG)
    5. Good Life (Feat. Big Syke & E.D.I. Of The Outlawz)
    6. Letter 2 My Unborn
    7. Breathin' (Feat. Young Noble, Napoleon, Kastro & E.D.I Of Outlawz)
    8. Happy Home
    9. All Out (Feat. Napoleon, Kastro & E.D.I. Of Outlawz)
    10. Fuckin' Wit The Wrong Nigga
    11. Thug N U Thug N Me (Feat. K-Ci & Jojo) [Remix]
    12. Everything They Owe
    13. Until The End Of Time (Feat. R.L. Huggar Of Next)
    14. M.O.B. (Feat. Big Syke, Mopreme, Hussein Fatal & Yaki Kadafi Of Outlawz)
    15. World Wide Mob Figgaz (Feat. E.D.I., Young Noble & Napoleon Of Outlawz)
    16. Big Syke Interlude (Feat. Big Syke)
    17. My Closest Roaddogz
    18. Niggaz Nature (Feat. Lil' Mo) [Remix]
    19. When Thugz Cry
    20. U Don't Have 2 Worry (Feat. Young Noble, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro & Yaki Kadafi Of Outlawz)
    21. This Ain't Livin'    
    22. Why U Turn On Me
    23. Lastonesleft (Feat. Napoleon & Kastro Of Outlawz)
    24. Thug N U Thug N Me (Feat. K-Ci & Jojo)
    25. Words 2 My First Born (Feat. Above The Law)
    26. Let 'Em Have It (Feat. Left Eye) [Remix]
    27. Runnin' On E (Feat. Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, Young Noble & Nutt-So Of Outlawz)    
    28. When I Get Free (Feat. J. Valentine)
    29. Until The End Of Time (Feat. Richard Page) [RP Remix]
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