Adorable released their debut album Against Perfection in 1993, and it remains as fresh today as it did 25 years ago. Falling in between the Shoegaze movement that was at its height in the very early 90's and the Britpop scene that was to follow a couple of years later The album very much bridges the two genres with the atmospheric guitar work acting as a counter-point to the strong sense of song writing. From the opening track 'Glorious' where Fijalkowski sings "I don't need you or anyone – and the feeling is glorious", there's a feeling of a marker being planted in the ground - a statement of attitude and intent that set Adorable apart from many other UK bands of the time. Dance floor favourite 'Homeboy' has echoes of the Pixies or The Jesus & Mary Chain, whilst other tracks such as the spikey 'Favourite Fallen Idol' (a dig at two of Adorable's icons Morrissey & Ian McCulloch) all show a band adept at pushing the boundaries between new wave guitar atmospherics, post punk, and indie dance.


Adorable recorded two studio albums before they disbanded in 1994. It was an impressive period, but they were never able to break into the wider mainstream market that their illustrious contemporaries were to enjoy. 


    1. Glorious
    2. Favourite Fallen Idol
    3. A To Fade In
    4. I Know You Too Well
    5. Homeboy
    6. Sistine Chapel Ceiling
    7. Cut #2
    8. Crash Sight
    9. Still Life
    10. Breathless