Aswad's 1983 album Live and Direct was recorded at the Notting Hill Carnival. Accompanied by a powerful horn section they created an energetic show, in which they let the listener hear the depth of their music. It's an amazing journey with highlights like "Drum and Bass Line", "Soca Rumba", and the fantastic "Rocker's Medley". This British Reggae classic is fully packed with their unique rhythm and funky grooves. Amazing beats and wobbly basslines marks this as one of the greatest live albums from the Reggae scene.


The long-lasting British reggae group Aswad recorded over 20 albums, released several charting hit songs, and are still performing live.


    1. Not Guilty
    2. Not Satisfied
    3. Your Recipe
    4. Roots Rocking
    5. Drum & Bass Line    
    6. African Children
    7. Soca Rumba
    8. Rocker’s Medley
    9. (I) Ease Up
    10. (II) Your Love’s Gotta Hold On Me
    11. (III) Revolution
    12. (IV) Waterpumping
    13. Love Fire