Nice 'n greasy is the last album of the classic Atomic Rooster and takes the formula of its predecessor. It's another successful chapter in their impressive catalogue, which find Johnny Mandela exceling as the new guitarist. The powerful melodic guitars and the soulful voice of Chris Farlowe mark their inspiration and song quality. It's a transition from heavy progressive rock into a blues/hard rock outfit. Energetic rockers like "Save Me" and "Satan's Wheel" are especially worthful to mention. There is a sense of creative urgency on this album and that's where you feel the intensity of their music.  "Take One Toke" and "Can't Find a Reason" show the band's diversity, it's easy Nice 'n greasy.


    1. All Across The Country
    2. Save Me
    3. Voodoo In You
    4. Goodbye Planet Earth           
    5. Take One Toke
    6. Can't Find A Reason
    7. Ear In The Snow
    8. Satans Wheel