After two glorious releases the Scottish band Big Country started recording their new album, finally released as The Seer. The first album single, "Look Away", was the biggest UK hit of the band (#7) and even reached the number 1 spot in Ireland. They returned with a bigger and harder sound, where the E-Bow rises to the upper level. Another true masterwork of the their '80s rock, which includes the lovely title-song with Kate Bush on vocals. It's maybe their most Celtic influenced album, but still with the famous Big Country sound. This release includes 4 bonus tracks “Song Of The South”, “Look Away (12” Mix”), “One Great Thing (Disco Mix), and “Giant”.


    1. Look Away
    2. The Seer (Featuring Kate Bush)
    3. The Teacher
    4. I Walk The Hill   
    5. Eiledon
    6. One Great Thing
    7. Hold The Heart
    8. Remembrance Day
    9. The Red Fox
    10. The Sailor
    11. Song Of The South (Bonus Track)             
    12. Look Away (12” Mix) (Bonus Track)
    13. One Great Thing (Disco Mix) (Bonus Track)
    14. Giant (Bonus Track)