Billy Talent's second album debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian Albums Chart and also reached the first spot in the German chart. Compared to their debut album, which focused mainly on anger, this one is more mellow, dealing with real-life issues, to the praise of fans and critics. The band shows off some of it's more melodic side with songs like “Fallen Leaves”, “Where's the Line”(this song has a great chorus and sing along), “The Navy Song” and “Surrender”. Billy Talent is another example of an awesome Canadian band making it big...and that's a good thing!


Billy Talent II on black vinyl includes a 4-page booklet with lyrics.


    1. Devil In A Midnight Mass
    2. Red Flag
    3. This Suffering
    4. Worker Bees    
    5. Pins And Needles
    6. Fallen Leaves
    7. Where Is The Line?
    8. Covered In Cowardice
    9. Surrender
    10. The Navy Song    
    11. Perfect World
    12. Sympathy
    13. Burn The Evidence