With the well-known hit single "Low" from the album Kerosene Hat Cracker gained widespread notice. Their alternative country rock sound is drained in their humorous lyrics. The album was everywhere during the summer of 1991 and with both the music and lyrics on the mark the record achieves something close to greatness. The catchy tunes and amazing solos sets the course for the different songs on the album. Besides their hit classic "Low"  songs like "Kerosene Hat" and "Sick of Goodbyes" gives you a good impression of the quality of each individual band member. 


Cracker is formed in 1991 and led by singer David Lowery and guitarist Johnny Hickman. After releasing their debut album Cracker in 1992 they have been touring constantly. 


Kerosene Hat's 25th anniversary edition includes the bonus tracks "Euro-Trash Girl", "I Ride My Bike" & "Kerosene Hat (Acoustic Version)".


    1. Low
    2. Movie Star
    3. Get Off This
    4. Kerosene Hat 
    5. Take Me Down To The Infirmary      
    6. Nostalgia        
    7. Sweet Potato  
    8. Sick Of Goodbyes
    9. I Want Everything
    10. Lonesome Johnny Blues
    11. Let's Go For A Ride
    12. Loser  
    13. Hi-Desert Biker Meth Lab
    14. Euro-Trash Girl
    15. I Ride My Bike
    16. Kerosene Hat (Acoustic Version)