Ascending from the depths, the almighty DEATH ANGEL return to offer their latest, energy fuelled masterpiece: “Humanicide.” A return to the wolves alongside a survivalist pack mentality are what fuel the powerful themes erupting from these fresh metal anthems. The title itself describes a plain in which humans, after generations of violence, regression, and hate, have finally extinguished themselves into dust. The wasteland they left behind is populated only by those creatures that passionately depend on their pack for survival: The Wolves. Gnashing their teeth and struggling to survive in an abandoned world, the wolves are back and galloping fiercely across the cover of the album. Adorned in the war skins of their enemies and the creatures they’ve killed together in order to survive, the powerful messages of the songs can be seen in Brent Elliott White’s fantastic piece of art.


Much like the beasts on the album cover, the writing process for Death Angel has remained airtight and continued to amplify throughout the years. The fundamental structures of the songs are created, and it’s through the ultimate feel of these vibrations that emotions and lyrics eventually begin to adhere themselves to specific sounds. The songs are then massaged and encouraged until a complete record is conceived. For the 4th album cycle in a row, Death Angel returned to their producer and friend Jason Suecof of Audiohammer studios for the recording and mixing, along with the mastering of the legendary Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound who added the final touches and brought it all to life.


As usual, Death Angel has maintained their throne in the universe of Thrash while still managing to remain progressive in their style. They apply a wide variety of different elements to their music, always pushing to add newness to their sound. This time around they’ve included everything from acoustic bits, to guest musicians, to even (for the first time) the notes of a piano.The first single and title track “Humanicide” triumphantly represents the entirety of the album, immediately energizing the listener.Vocalist Mark Osegueda remarks: “I wanted to write something that metal fans could really grasp onto. Something dark and intense, that still makes sense. Right now I think it’s so apparent that the earth is in a sickened state.”


The track entitled: “The Pack” flows through with an uplifting mood. It’s positive lyrics are a tribute to Death Angel fans everywhere. With a loyal fanclub of the same name, guitarist Rob Cavestany thought it was important to write a song not just for their fans, but for heavy metal and music lovers the worldover. “The song has a very anthemic feel, it’s a fist pumping-festival type of vibe” Cavestany explains. To round it all out the band reflects some of their many inspirations in songs like “I Came For Blood.” Its thrashy, punky, rock n’ roll type of vibe keeps the album’s invincible energy on path to an insanely enjoyable cycle of music.


To say “being busy” is in Death Angel’s future is a grand understatement. With over three decades invested in their substantial career, the band is ripe with vigour and ready to perform their new offerings to the world. North American tours, European tours and festivals, and eventually more records are assured, with the loyalty and solidity of their pack truly unwavering. Death Angel designed “Humanicide” not just for listening pleasure but to awaken the mind and fuel positive ideals.


    1. Humanicide
    2. Divine Defector
    3. Aggressor
    4. I Came For Blood
    5. Immortal Behated
    6. Alive And Screaming
    7. The Pack
    8. Ghost Of Me
    9. Revelation Song
    10. Of Rats And Men
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