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The legendary band's 15th studio album was the first one they recorded with new guitarist Steve Morse, who pulled the band up to new heights and made this the most experimental Deep Purple album to date. There was more focus on the guitar, they used pinch harmonies, they sounded like they were having fun again; most famously so in "Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic" based on a true story Ian Gillan once heard in a pub. 


The excellent riffs and awe-inspiring solos appear on two 180 gram audiophile vinyl LPs, alongside the exclusive - and elusive - bonus track "Don't Hold Your Breath".


    1. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic
    2. Loosen My Strings
    3. Soon Forgotten          
    4. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    5. Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover
    6. The Aviator
    7. Rosa's Cantina
    8. A Castle Full Of Rascals
    9. A Touch Away          
    10. Hey Cisco
    11. Somebody Stole My Guitar
    12. The Purpendicular Waltz
    13. Don't Hold Your Breath*

    * Bonus Track

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