Gravel & Dust, the new album by Dutch musician Ilse Delange is a step forward, and at the same time a return to its source. She collaborated with the man who plays a leading role in the music that inspired her debut 21 years ago. At her request, producer Patrick Leonard, with whom she worked on The Great Escape, introduced her to T-Bone Burnett, one of the most striking, recognizable and completely authentic producers in the world.


It is more than a collection of ten songs, it is an album. A unity of atmosphere, an introverted, warm declaration of love to a soothing source of music love. It is as if T-Bone Burnett has placed Ilse DeLange in a room, on a stool with a guitar, and directed one spot on her, with musicians around her in the twilight who are so good that they don't feel the need to prove. Not a word too much, not a note for the note, nowhere virtuosity for the bravado: on Gravel & Dust every chord and sentence is subservient to the southern American atmosphere of subdued melancholy.


The Gravel & Dust package includes an insert with lyrics.


    1. New Amsterdam
    2. Gravel & Dust
    3. Where Dreams Go To Die
    4. Went For A While
    5. Always Been    
    6. No End In Sight
    7. Some Things You Don’t Forget
    8. No Man’s Land
    9. Mirror Of The Broken Past
    10. The Only Thing I Ever Got Right
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