Delinquent Habits, is Delinquent Habits' first studio album. It was largely produced by O.G. Style of Delinquent Habits and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. It was released on June 4, 1996. 

The album is characterized as Latin Rap or West Coast Rap. Producer of the album was Eric Bobo.Credits goes to Hurricane G (vocals), Ives (vocals), Dorian Johnson (keyboards, mixing), Kemo (vocals), and O.G. Style (vocals). 


Delinquent Habits includes songs like "Tres Delinquentes", "Lower Eastside", and "When The Stakes Are High". All these songs were performed by O.G. Style, Ives and Kemo.


    1. Tres Delinquentes
    2. Lower Eastside
    3. Juvy    
    4. What It Be Like
    5. I'm Addicted
    6. The Realm
    7. S.A.L.T (Shit Ain't Like That)
    8. Good Times
    9. Break 'Em Off
    10. What S Real Iz Real  
    11. If You Want Some
    12. Another Fix
    13. Underground Connection
    14. When The Stakes Are High