Here Come the Horns is the second studio album by the hip hop group Delinquent Habits. Formed in East Los Angeles in 1991, the group are known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore. Their first self-titled album was executive produced by Cypress Hill member Sen Dog and featured guest appearances by Sen himself as well as Puerto Rican New York City rapper Hurricane G. 


Their second album, Here Come The Horns, again featured Sen Dog as well as Sen's brother, pioneering Latin rapper Mellow Man Ace. The album was also produced by Sen Dog and Paul Stewart. Music videos were made for "This is LA" and "Here Come the Horns".


    1. Intro   
    2. This Is L.A.    
    3. It's The Delinquentes (Featuring Sen Dog)   
    4. 1 Adam 12     
    5. Think Your're Bad     
    6. Here Come The Horns
    7. Western Ways
    8. Shed A Tear (Featuring Sen Dog)
    9. Wallah
    10. Orphan Of The Industry        
    11. Life Is A Struggle (Featuring Sen Dog)
    12. Super D.J. (Rock The House Party)
    13. Life I Live      
    14. Get Up, Get On It (Featuring Mellowman Ace, Rude, Sen Dog)
    15. Western Ways Part Ii (La Seleccion)