The Britpop era brought the world a bunch of great records, including Echobelly's second album On. Often compared to Blondie and known for their influences from The Smiths, they recorded some melodic and intense alternative guitar rock for this record. The album reached number 4 in the UK charts and including their famous singles "King of the Kerb" (about homelessness and prostitution) and "Great Things" (about the future). Glen Johanssen is a superb musician and provided gritty, stained backdrops for Sonya Madan's otherworldly vocals. Memorable hooks and song who nesting into you head, it's the power of Echobelly. On is a worthy follow-up to its predecessor and one of the better Britpop albums circulating in the mid-90s.


Most prominent in Echobelly's success formula is the combination of Sonya Madan's unique voice and the outstanding lyrics. After a break of 5 years the band reunited in 2009 and since they've been playing a lot of concerts and recorded a new album in 2017, called Anarchy and Alchemy.


    1. Car Fiction
    2. King Of The Kerb
    3. Great Things
    4. Natural Animal
    5. Go Away
    6. Pantyhose And Roses
    7. Something Hot In A Cold Country
    8. Four Letter Word
    9. Nobody Like You
    10. In The Year
    11. Dark Therapy
    12. Worms And Angels
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