Formed in 1977, Fischer-Z’s early catalogue fits snuggly alongside output from XTC, Talking Heads, Wire and Mission Of Burma - their 1979 debut, ‘Word Salad’, remains a cult classic, 1980’s ‘Going Deaf For A Living’ boasted the hit single ‘So Long’ and live favourites such as ‘Limbo’ and ‘Room Service’, whilst their beloved and best known third album, ‘Red Skies Over Paradise’ (1981), brims with classic tracks like ‘In England’, ‘Berlin’ and ‘Marliese’. The band’s 42-year career spans 20 albums, over 3,000 concerts worldwide and album sales in excess of two million. 


Singer/frontman John Watts, the heart and soul of the ever-evolving Fischer-Z, remains as pointedly literate, prolific, political and defiant and in 2019 Fischer-Z is still very much alive and kicking. “I believe movement is life,” Watts shares. “I want to always keep moving and growing. After all, you’re only as good as your latest stuff, and that’s what keeps me going. This is not an oldies band! I’m an artist in words and music, and I consider it a massive privilege to be still writing songs and performing these live. I feel like I am doing my best stuff as I get older, and I still have the energy and that is fantastic.” 


The band are consistently rewriting their history with new music. ‘Swimming In Thunderstorms’ is an album of now in song and spirit, with beefy, dreamy and poppy guitars, celestial atmospherics and arty and imaginative touches. 


    1. Big Wide World
    2. Stamp It Out
    3. The Islamic American
    4. Love Train Drama
    5. The Heaven Injection
    6. Half Naked Girl In The Windowsill
    7. No Bohemia
    8. Films With Happy Endings
    9. Wary
    10. Stolen
    11. Prime
    12. Right Now
    13. Swimming In Thunderstorms
    14. Cardboard Street
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