Worship and Tribute is the second studio album by American post-hardcore band Glassjaw and was originally released in 2002. The band from Long Island, New York is fronted by vocalist Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck. Worship and Tribute is the follow-up album to the debut album Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (2000). The album peaked at #82 on the Billboard 200. 


Like their debut, Worship and Tribute was produced by Ross Robinson. The album was engineered and mixed by Mike Fraser. Worship and Tribute presents a more melodic and mature Glassjaw, as they started to further include jazz and ambient influences, specifically in tracks like "Ape Dos Mil", "Must've Run All Day" and "The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports". Palumbo said of it: "It's a mélange of influences, a collage is what this band is all about. This record pays tribute to everything from Bad Brains to Anthrax to The Cure to Squeeze and so much more."


    1. Tip Your Bartender
    2. Mu Empire
    3. Cosmopolitan Bloodloss
    4. Ape Dos Mil
    5. Pink Roses
    6. Must've Run All Day 
    7. Stuck Pig
    8. Radio Cambodia
    9. The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports
    10. Trailer Park Jesus
    11. Two Tabs Of Mescaline