2001's 'God Bless The Go-Go's' was the first new album released by LA legends The Go-Go's in 17 years following 1984's 'Talk Show', which featured the hit 'Head Over Heels'. The original lineup is intact for this 13-track outing, produced by Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade (Hole, Radiohead). Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is also featured on the first single, 'Unforgiven.'


    1. La La Land
    2. Unforgiven
    3. Apology
    4. Stuck In My Car    
    5. Vision Of Nowness
    6. Here You Are
    7. Automatic Rainy Day
    8. Kissing Asphalt    
    9. Insincere
    10. Sonic Superslide
    11. Throw Me A Curve
    12. Talking Myself Down
    13. Daisy Chain