The cover of Thrust reveals a lot of the album. Herbie's sitting comfortably in his spaceship controlled by a synth from an alien world, reaching to the clouds and beyond. Well, that's what his stature was in 1974 - one of the seminal renewers of Jazz by incorporating new electric instruments like the ARP synthesizer. 


Thrust is the follow up to Head Hunters using the same band except for drummer Harvey Mason, who is replaced by Mike Clark, a Jazz great in his own right. 


Again, only four songs on this single LP, each around 10 minutes long. "Butterfly" is a great spacy jam with intricate twists and turns. And when hearing the intro drum break of "Palm Grease", you know this is a must-have album for all you groove addicts!


    1. Palm Grease
    2. Actual Proof  
    3. Butterfly
    4. Spank-A-Lee