Hiatus Kaiyote return in 2021 with the follow-up to their 2015 album 'Choose Your Weapon'. 'The title of the album really encapsulates the whole spectrum of the journey', Paul Bender of the band says of 'Mood Valiant'. 'Everyone's been through some big challenges. I feel like we charged through the mud to get this thing done. And there's just this valiant, victorious feeling, coming out of storm into calm waters'. 'Mood Valiant' is an act of love, of courage, of altered perspective, of sister-and-brotherhood'.


    1. Flight Of The Tiger Lily
    2. Sip Into Something Soft
    3. Chivalry Is Not Dead
    4. And We Go Gentle
    5. Get Sun (Feat. Arthur Verocai)
    6. All The Words We Don't Say
    7. Hush Rattle
    8. Rose Water
    9. Red Room
    10. Sparkle Tape Break Up
    11. Stone Or Lavender
    12. Blood And Marro