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Although a compilation album at heart, and an occasionally ragged one at that, this collection is nonetheless generally considered to be a definitive entry in the Joy Division catalogue because of the previously-unreleased material that made its debut amongst its four sides. Arguably the most famous inclusion is 'Ceremony', which was performed precisely once in concert by Joy Division but went on to be known better as a New Order single, but there are a number of gems here, including a cover of The Velvet Underground's 'Sister Ray'.


    1. Exercise One
    2. Ice Age
    3. The Sound Of Music
    4. Glass
    5. The Only Mistake
    6. Walked In Line
    7. The Kill
    8. Something Must Break
    9. Dead Souls
    10. Sister Ray
    11. Ceremony
    12. Shadow Play
    13. Means To An End
    14. Passover
    15. New Dawn Fades
    16. Transmission
    17. Disorder
    18. Isolation
    19. Decades
    20. Digital
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