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While sharing roots with its two predecessors, on 'Gargoyle' there's a significant up-shift in the swaggering powerlode of such keynote songs as 'Nocturne' and 'Beehive', while the lyrics' tonal palette is more varied. The album title comes from a lyric in 'Blue Blue Sea' - 'Gargoyle perched on gothic spire' - and was chosen for its hint of self-deprecation. 'I'm most proud of the songs that are atypical to stuff that I've done in the past' says Mark. 'So I really like 'Old Swan', because it's an expression of positivity, which is completely anti-anything I've done before!'


    1. Death's Head Tattoo
    2. Nocturne
    3. Blue Blue Sea
    4. Beehive
    5. Sister
    6. Emperpor
    7. Goodbye To Beauty
    8. Drunk On Destruction           
    9. Day Of Winter
    10. Old Swan
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