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Love was a seminal psychedelic Folk Rock band from Los Angeles, active from 1966 until the mid seventies. Their eponymous debut album contained a diverse set of wonderful tunes, most of which were penned by Love's mastermind Arthur Lee.


Especially the songs "My Little Red Book", "Mushroom Clouds" and "Signed D.C." are outstanding tracks. It proved to be a stepping stone to the equally excellent follow up albums Da Capo and Forever Changes (both 1967). However the band never gained mainstream popularity like their peers The Byrds (of which several albums are available through Music On Vinyl), Love's music remains a gem of the wild sixties which will prove to resonate with music lovers for decades to come.




    1. My Little Red Book
    2. Can't Explain
    3. A Message To Pretty
    4. My Flash On You
    5. Softly To Me
    6. No Matter What You Do
    7. Emotions
    8. You I'll Be Following
    9. Gazing
    10. Hey Joe
    11. Signed D.C.
    12. Colored Balls Falling
    13. Mushroom Clouds
    14. And More
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