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Manic Street Preachers release a radically reimagined version of their 6th album ‘Know Your Enemy’ on 9th September 2022.  The new version of the album has been entirely remixed and reconstructed to form two separate albums as originally planned.


Following the success of 1998’s’ This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’, Manic Street Preachers planned an ambitious follow-up to be released as two distinct albums: an aggressive, rapid fire return to their roots called ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’, a more conciliatory, reflective collection. During the recording sessions, the trio got cold feet and settled on a single album that forced often conflicting ideas to sit side by side on the same record. ‘Know Your Enemy’ was launched in February 2001 with a show at Teatro Karl Marx in Havana in front of the Cuban leader and charted at No.2 in the UK the following week, going on to see over half a million copies worldwide. The singles taken from the album: ‘So Why So Sad’, ‘Found That Soul’, ‘Ocean Spray’ and ‘Let Robeson Sing’ all reached the Top 20.


Whilst going through the band’s archive to put together an anniversary version of ‘Know Your Enemy’, Nicky Wire found the original tapes of ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’ that he’d made up in the studio during recording. When he put forward the idea of recreating those records, James Dean Bradfield agreed on the condition that he could remix the entire record with the band’s longtime studio partner Dave Eringa. The new mixes would bring a clarity to each record, losing extraneous studio effects and digital noise from the ‘Solidarity’ songs and stripping away unnecessary orchestration and embellishment from the tracks that made up ‘Door To The River’. 


Author and long-term band collaborator Robin Turner explains in his expansive sleeve notes that this release is “the Director’s Cut of ‘Know Your Enemy’. The picture has been painstakingly restored, cleaned up, brightened. Although it doesn’t aim to replace the original, it most certainly enhances it.”


The vinyl edition ‘Know Your Enemy’ presents ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Door To The River’ in the same order as originally planned in 2000. Featuring previously unseen photos from the recording sessions taken by regular collaborator Mitch Ikeda.





    1. The Year of Purification
    2. Ocean Spray
    3. So Why So Sad (Avalanches Sean Penn Mix)
    4. Door To The River
    5. Rosebud
    6. Just a Kid
    7. His Last Painting
    8. Let Robeson Sing
    9. Groundhog Days
    10. Epicentre


    1. Intravenous Agnostic
    2. Found That Soul (TLA Mix)
    3. We Are All Bourgeois Now
    4. Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children
    5. The Convalescent
    6. Baby Elian
    7. Masses Against The Classes
    8. My Guernica
    9. Studies In Paralysis 
    10. Dead Martyrs
    11. Wattsville Blues
    12. Miss Europa Disco Dancer
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