Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy is the second album by the electropunk band Mindless Self Indulgence. The album contains 30 songs which are ranked by their title, including some fascinating ones like “Bitches”, “Dicks Are For My Friends”, “Holy Shit” and “Royally Fucked”. Industrial madness mixed with hip hop and electronic rock packed with crazy lyrics sang by falsetto singer Jimmy Urine. It's a fascinating record where you'll discover something new every time you listen to the music.


    1. Backmask (Warning)
    2. Bitches
    3. Boomin'
    4. Clarissa
    5. Cocaine And Toupees
    6. Dicks Are For My Friends
    7. F
    8. Faggot
    9. Futures
    10. Golden I
    11. Harry Truman
    12. Holy Shit
    13. I Hate Jimmy Page
    14. I'm Your Problem Now
    15. J             
    16. Keepin' Up With The Kids
    17. Kick The Bucket
    18. Kill The Rock
    19. Last Time I Tried To Rock Your World
    20. London Bridge
    21. M
    22. Masturbates
    23. Planet Of The Apes
    24. Played
    25. Ready For Love
    26. Royally Fucked
    27. Seven-Eleven
    28. Step Up Ghetto Blaster
    29. Whipstickagostop
    30. Z
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