Ennio Morricone composed and arranged scores for more than 500 film and television productions, making him one of the most influential and best-selling film composers since the late 1950s. He has sold well over 70 million records worldwide. His score for Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West is one of the top 5 best-selling original instrumental scores in the world today, with about 10 million copies sold.


Collected is a definitive journey through the vast work of Morricone, stopping by landmark spaghetti westerns like A Fistful Of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Once Upon A Time In America and most recently, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.


    1. The Facist (Theme) - The Fascist
    2. A Fistful Of Dollars (Theme) - A Fistful Of Dollars
    3. Bullets Don't Argue (Theme) - Bullets Don't Argue
    4. A Gun For Ringo (Theme) - A Gun For Ringo
    5. For A Few Dollars More (Theme) - For A Few Dollars More
    6. The Return Of Ringo (Main Title) - The Return Of Ringo
    7. The Battle Of Algiers (Theme) - Battle Of Algiers
    8. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Theme) - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
    9. The Ecstasy Of Gold - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
    10. Death Rides A Horse (Theme) - Death Rides A Horse
    11. The Big Gundown (Opening Song) - The Big Gundown
    12. Once Upon A Time In The West (Theme) - Once Upon A Time In The West
    13. The man With The Harmonica - Once Upon A Time In The West
    14. Long Live The Revolution - Long Live The Revolution AKA Blood And Guns
    15. The Ballad Of Hank McCain - The Ballad Of Hank McCain
    16. The Sicilian Clan (Theme) - The Sicilian Clan
    17. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion - Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
    18. A Fistful Of Dynamite - A Fistful Of Dynamite
    19. Come Maddalena - Maddalena
    20. Chi Mai - Maddalena
    21. My Name Is Nobody - My Name Is Nobody
    22. The Infernal Trio - The Infernal Trio
    23. Romanza - Novecento AKA 1900
    24. Goodbye Palermo - Father Of The Godfathers
    25. Don't Play The Indian - Buddy Goes West
    26. Il Vento, Il Grido - The Professional
    27. Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man (Theme) - Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man
    28. Deborah's Theme - Once Upon A Time In America
    29. Gabriel's Oboe - The Mission
    30. The Untouchables (End Title) - The Untouchables
    31. The Strength Of The Righteous (Main Title) - The Untouchables
    32. Love Theme - Cinema Paradiso
    33. Ancora Qui - Django Unchained