Try Anything Once is the first solo album created by Alan Parsons following the split of The Alan Parsons Project. This album features vocals by Ambrosia's David Pack, Duran Duran backing singer Jacqui Copland, former Mindbender and 10cc guitarist Eric Stewart, and Manfred Mann's Earth Band frontman Chris Thompson.


The album takes a different turn from the previously ethereal Project albums, and seems to continue the directional development that started with Stereotomy and Gaudi [MOVLP631], combining rock elements ("Back Against The Wall" & "Breakaway") and mood-oriented beats ("Turn It Up" & "I'm Talking To You"), while still retaining certain elements of the classic Project albums that are unique ("Mr Time", "Wine From The Water", the instrumentals).


    1. The Three Of Me
    2. Turn It Up
    3. Wine From The Water           
    4. Breakaway
    5. Mr Time
    6. Jigue
    7. I'm Talkin' To You
    8. Siren Song
    9. Dreamscape    
    10. Back Against The Wall
    11. Re-Jigue
    12. Oh Life (There Must Be More)