Evil Heat is Primal Scream's seventh album, originally released in 2002. Though the political content on Evil Heat was not as strong as on its predecessor XTRMNTR, one song had to be adjusted before its release. The track "Rise" was originally titled "Bomb The Pentagon" which was a bit inappropriate in the light of the September 11 attacks.


The album, like many of Primal Scream's previous albums, had multiple producers. Former My Bloody Valentine guitarist Kevin Shields produced several tracks and Andrew Weatherall produced a couple of tracks as well. It features some very special guests. Kate Moss sang on "Some Velvet Morning", a cover version of the Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra song and another guest appearance was made by Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant


    1. Deep Hit Of Morning Sun
    2. Miss Lucifer
    3. Detroit
    4. Autobahn 66
    5. Rise
    6. The Lord Is My Shotgun
    7. City
    8. Some Velvet Morning
    9. Skull X
    10. A Scanner Darkly
    11. Space Blues #2