Stealers Wheel was a successful Scottish folk rock band, which had a gigantic hit in 1973 with "Stuck in the Middle with You".  One of the main figures in the band was Gerry Rafferty, known for his solo hits "Baker Street", "Right Down the Line" and "Night Owl". These songs, fan favorites and more gems can be found on the exclusive 2LP Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel Collected.
School friends Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty formed the band Stealers Wheel in 1972. The band existed for only 3 years, but they recorded 3 albums and several songs charted. After their break-up in 1975 Gerry Rafferty continued his solo career and recorded several hits songs, like "Baker Street" and "Days Gone Down". Hist most successful album “City to City” peaked at No. 1 in the US and No. 6 in the UK. This Collected 2LP consists of one side with Stealers Wheel classics and three sides with Rafferty songs from the '70s and '80s.


    1. Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You      
    2. Stealers Wheel - Late Again  
    3. Stealers Wheel - Everything Will Turn Out Fine       
    4. Stealers Wheel - Star  
    5. Stealers Wheel - Right Or Wrong      
    6. Stealers Wheel - Found My Way To You     
    7. Stealers Wheel - Go As You Please   
    8. Can I Have My Money Back 
    9. City To City   
    10. Baker Street   
    11. Right Down The Line
    12. The Ark
    13. Night Owl      
    14. Get It Right Next Time         
    15. Bring It All Home      
    16. The Garden Of England        
    17. Sleepwalking  
    18. As Wise As A Serpent           
    19. Shipyard Town          
    20. Hearts Run Dry          
    21. Don't Give Up On Me           
    22. Time's Caught Up On You    
    23. A New Beginning