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The debut studio album by the Irish musician, originally released in February 2002. The album is dedicated to Rice's friend Mic Christopher, who died of a head injury in 2001. Damien Rice was previously a member of the band Juniper, and upon the disbandment due to changes in creative direction, he took a sabbatical in rural Italy before returning to Ireland. He would meet with his second cousin, composer David Arnold who was impressed upon hearing Rice's songs and sent Rice's demo to music publishers to no success. Frustrated, Arnold worked with Rice to set up recording equipment for a home studio to make the album independently. Features the singles 'The Blower's Daughers', 'Cannonball' and 'Volcano'.




    1. Delicate
    2. Volcano
    3. The Blower's Daughter
    4. Cannonball
    5. Older Chests
    6. Amie
    7. Cheers Darlin'
    8. Cold Water
    9. I Remember
    10. Eskimo
    11. Prague
    12. Silent Night
    13. The Professor & La Fille Danse - Live
    14. Lonelily
    15. Woman Like A Man - Live Radio Session
    16. Moody Mooday
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