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Sepultura’s acclaimed 1989 album, Beneath The Remains, marks the band’s major label debut on Roadrunner. Widely regarded today as a thrash-metal classic, the album perfectly distilled the Brazilian band’s potent mix of piercing melodies and pummelling rhythms. 


In December 1988, brothers Max (guitar/vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums), Paulo Jr. (bass) and Andreas Kisser (guitar) recorded Beneath the Remains in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with producer Scott Burns. Soon after its release in April 1989, the album was hailed by fans and critics alike for standout songs like “Inner Self,” “Primitive Future” and the title track. The album has been remastered especially for this collection.


The Deluxe Edition also features unreleased “mixdown” recordings taken from the Beneath the Remains sessions at Nas Nuvens Studios in Rio de Janeiro. Highlights include versions of “Lobotomy” and “Mass Hypnosis,” as well as instrumental versions “Slaves Of Pain” and “Sarcastic Existence.”


Founded by the Cavalera brothers in 1984, the group recorded two full-length albums – Morbid Visions (1986) and Schizophrenia (1987) – before signing with Roadrunner Records in 1988. Since then, Sepultura’s dynamic studio recordings and intense live performances have earned it fans everywhere.


The current version of Sepultura (Derrick Green, Paulo Jr., Andreas Kisser, Eloy Casagrande) released a new album, Quadra, on February 7 and will tour the U.S. this spring. Former members Max and Igor Cavalera – who perform together in the band Cavalera Conspiracy recently completed a sold-out European tour in December 2019.




  • Original Album

    1. Beneath the Remains 
    2. Inner Self 
    3. Stronger Than Hate 
    4. Mass Hypnosis 
    5. Sarcastic Existence 
    6. Slaves of Pain 
    7. Lobotomy
    8. Hungry 
    9. Primitive Future 

    Bonus Tracks

    1. Beneath the Remains (Mixdown)
    2. Inner Self (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
    3. Stronger Than Hate (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
    4. Mass Hypnosis (Mixdown)
    5. Troops of Doom (Live 9/22/1989)
    6. Sarcastic Existence (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
    7. Slaves Of Pain (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
    8. Lobotomy (Mixdown)
    9. Hungry (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
    10. Primitive Future (Mixdown)
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