Nina Simone Sings The Blues (1967) can rightfully be called a true classic in both Soul and Blues genres. The album is a showcase for the intensity of Nina's soulful croon and demanding piano skills, accompanied by a marvelous backing band with Eric Gale and Rudy Stevenson on guitar, Bob Bushnell on bass, drummer Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, Ernie Hayes on organ and Buddy Lucas on both harmonica and sax.


With a song selection that ranks among the best Blues tunes ever written, this record goes back to the essence of the Blues - raw and honest spine-shivering melodies.


    1. Do I Move You?
    2. Day And Night
    3. In The Dark
    4. Real Real
    5. My Man's Gone Now
    6. Backlash Blues    
    7. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
    8. Buck
    9. Since I Fell For You
    10. The House Of The Rising Sun
    11. Blues For Mama