The Biggest Thing Since Colossus is an album by American blues musician Otis Spann, released in 1969. The album is also notable for the fact that Spann's backing band on this occasion were members of Fleetwood Mac, who were touring in America at the time. Spann had been involved in the recording of the Blues Jam In Chicago album, and a rapport had been struck between Spann and the British band, which led to their participation on Spann's new album. 


It was agreed beforehand that Spann's friend and longtime associate S.P. Leary would play drums on the album, and Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood did not take part in the recording. Guitarists Peter Green and Danny Kirwan, and bassist John McVie all contributed to each track, and it is often claimed that Green produced some of his best playing on this album. 


"Walkin'" was released as a single in some countries, with "Temperature Is Rising (98.8 °F)" (a different version to that found on the album) on the B-side.


    1. My Love Depends On You
    2. Walkin'
    3. It Was A Big Thing
    4. Temperature Is Rising (100.2f)
    5. Dig You
    6. No More Doggin'
    7. Ain't Nobody's Business
    8. She Needs Some Loving
    9. I Need Some Air
    10. Someday Baby