Justin Sullivan steps out from New Model Army to release his second solo album, eighteen years after the first. 'Surrounded' is a collection of sixteen new songs, written in the first weeks of the 2020 lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. These songs are again stunning guitar-vocal compositions highlighting Sullivan's love of storytelling, wide open landscapes and unforgettable atmospheres. Mostly recorded at home, the album also features contributions from many other musicians including Jon Thorne on bass (Lamb), on harp Tom Moth (Florence and the Machine - and brother of NMA bassist Ceri Monger), plus string arrangements from composer friends Tobias Unterberg, Henning Nugel and Shir-Ran Yinon, Also featured are the current members of New Model Army. The album was mixed by Lee Smith at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, co-producer and mixer of New Model Army's recent albums, including 2019's 'From Here', their highest charting album to date globally.


    1. Dirge
    2. Amundsen
    3. Coming With Me
    4. Clean Horizon
    5. Stone And Heather
    6. 28th May
    7. Akistan
    8. Unforgiven
    9. Sao Paulo
    10. 1975
    11. Sea Again
    12. Clear Skies
    13. Rip Tides
    14. Daughter Of The Sun
    15. Ride
    16. Surrounded