Celebrating three decades of music, Thunder release this 28 track album entitled simply ‘The Greatest Hits’. Thirty years into their career, the time feels right to look back on what’s been done, taking stock of some fantastic work, but keeping one eye on the horizon and what is yet to come. ‘The Greatest Hits’ is a comprehensive, cohesive and career-spanning collection, taking in material from every single album since the debut that propelled them onto the world stage, 1990’s ‘Backstreet Symphony’ which hit number 21 in the charts. That first salvo was followed by ‘Laughing On Judgement Day’ which hit No. 2 in 1992, and then ‘Behind Closed Doors’ which was another Top 5 hit in 1995.  ‘Greatest Hits’ includes material taken from releases right up till 2017’s ‘Rip It Up’, which hit No.3 in the Charts, and 2019’s ‘Please Remain Seated’.  In fact, the last three Thunder albums – ‘Wonder Days’, ‘Rip It Up’ and ‘Please Remain Seated’ have all enjoyed UK Top Ten status in the Album Chart. The tracks chosen for ‘The Greatest Hits’ shows perfectly the arc of evolution that the band has travelled over three decades, developing, challenging themselves and always moving on: without ever losing the core elements that make them special.


    1. Dirty Love
    2. Love Walked In
    3. She's so Fine
    4. A Better Man
    5. Backstreet Symphony
    6. Low Life in High Places
    7. River of Pain
    8. Like a Satellite
    9. Stand Up
    10. Living For Today
    11. Love Worth Dying For
    12. Just Another Suicide (You Wanna Know)
    13. All I Ever Wanted
    14. Gimme Shelter
    15. I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
    16. Loser
    17. I'm Dreaming Again
    18. The Devil Made Me Do It
    19. On The Radio [Explicit]
    20. The Rain
    21. Wonder Days
    22. Rip It Up
    23. In Another Life
    24. Right from the Start
    25. The Thing I Want
    26. Future Train (2019 Version)
    27. Low Life in High Places (2019 Version)
    28. Your Time Is Gonna Come