The Tragically Hip's Up To Here was released in 1989 and showed the world what these Canadian Blues influenced Pop rockers were capable of. 'The Hip' established themselves as Canada's best musical export product in their subsequent career, 25 years and counting.


Standout tracks on Up To Here include "Boots Or Hearts", "Blow At High Dough" and "38 Years Old". Their following album Road Apples would prove a smash, too.

The album includes the bonus track "All Canadian Surf Club".


    1. Blow At High Dough
    2. I'll Believe In You (Or I'll Be Leaving You Tonight)
    3. New Orleans Is Sinking
    4. 38 Years Old
    5. She Didn't Know              
    6. Boots Or Hearts
    7. Everytime You Go
    8. When The Weight Comes Down
    9. Trickle Down
    10. Another Midnight
    11. Opiated