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Rediscover the essence of this cult film through this extraordinary film score. Between electronic music, progressive rock and symphony, this soundtrack kicks into the anthill of a rather conservative genre at the time. The soundtrack, written by one of the pioneers of the genre, Wendy Carlos (The Shining, A Clockwork Orange), largely contributes to the cult character of this extraordinary film. Released in 1982, this masterpiece by Steven Lisberge remains the first feature film whose design was almost entirely computer-assisted.




    1. Creation Of TRON
    2. Only Solutions - Journey
    3. We've Got Company
    4. Wormhole
    5. Ring Game And Escape
    6. Water, Music And Tronaction
    7. TRON Scherzo
    8. Miracle And Magician
    9. Magic Landings
    10. Theme From TRON
    11. 1990's Theme - Journey    
    12. Love Theme
    13. Tower Music - Let Us Pray
    14. The Light Sailor
    15. Sea Of Simulation
    16. A New TRON And The MCP    
    17. Anthem
    18. Ending Titles
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