Gift is a great compilation of Vangelis his compositions from Heaven and Hell (1975) to Direct (1988). It can be seen as a retrospective of seminal ambient, vocal & choral works made by the pioneering new age keyboardist. Gift includes three fantastic collaborations with John Anderson (Yes). The multiple-award-winning composer of electronic, progressive, orchestral and jazz music, Vangelis, started his career working in several successful bands, such as Aphrodite's Child. He composed over 50 albums and is still creative in developing new concepts.


Available for the first time on vinyl as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on silver coloured vinyl.


    1. Theme From The Tv Series Cosmos (Heaven & Hell Third Movement )
    2. Pulstar
    3. Page Of Life (Ft. Jon Anderson)
    4. Alpha    
    5. Sword Of Orion
    6. The Motion Of The Stars
    7. A Way: Heaven And Hell Suite (Excerpts)
    8. So Long Ago, So Clear (Ft. John Anderson)
    9. Heaven & Hell Part Ii (Excerpt)
    10. 12 O‘Clock
    11. The Will Of The Wind
    12. Glorianna (Hymn A La Femme)    
    13. Metallic Rain
    14. Shine For Me (Ft. Jon Anderson)
    15. Intergalactic Radio Station