Hailed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, this second album of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble did everything a second album should do. It confirmed that Stevie Ray was no fluke, and it cemented his status as one of the modern blues giants. Original takes, outtakes and alternate takes of songs from the posthumously released The Sky Is Crying are also included on this double album Couldn't Stand The Weather. '...Vaughan's post-Hendrix Stratocasting still sparkles....a reminder of the wit that often informed his phrasing and his willingness to torch the boundaries', Q-music wrote in 1995 about the late Texan bluesman.


    1. Scuttle Buttin'
    2. Couldn't Stand The Weather
    3. The Things (That) I Used To Do
    4. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
    5. Cold Shot 
    6. Tin Pan Alley
    7. Honey Bee
    8. Stang's Wang
    9. Empty Arms
    10. Come On (Pt. III)
    11. Look At Little Sister
    12. The Sky Is Crying
    13. Hide Away
    14. Give Me Back My Wig
    15. Boot Hill
    16. Wham
    17. Close To You
    18. Little Wing
    19. Stang's Wang