Weather report's seventh album Heavy Weather was released in 1977. It is the band's second album with bassist Jaco Pastorius, but on this one he is a permanent member of the band (He was also present on 2 tracks of Black Market).


Its opening track, "Birdland", was a significant commercial success, something not typical of instrumental music. A striking feature of "Birdland" is Pastorius picking harmonics on his fretless bass.


Released just as the Jazz-rock or Fusion movement began to run out of steam, this landmark album proved that there was plenty of creative life left in the idiom.


    1. Birdland
    2. A Remark You Made
    3. Teen Town
    4. Harlequin           
    5. Rumba Mamá
    6. Palladã­um
    7. The Juggler
    8. Havona