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Third studio album by the British rock band, recorded in ten days in 1991 by American producer Steve Albini at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Albini had previously recorded two EPs with the group, 'Brassneck' and '3 Songs' and, like those records, 'Seamonsters' has a rougher, harsher overall sound than the group's earlier two albums.


    1. Dalliance
    2. Dare
    3. Suck
    4. Blonde
    5. Rotterdam
    6. Lovenest
    7. Corduroy
    8. Carolyn    
    9. Heather
    10. Octopussy
    11. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)    
    12. Crawl    
    13. Corduroy (Single Version)
    14. She's My Best Friend
    15. Niagara    
    16. Mothers
    17. Dan Dare
    18. Fleshworld
    19. Dalliance (Peel Session Version)    
    20. Heather (Peel Session Version)    
    21. Blonde (Peel Session Version)
    22. Niagara (Peel Session Version)
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