30th Anniversary remaster with previously unreleased live tracks & remixes


    1. Slip Of The Tongue    
    2. Kittens Got Claws    
    3. Cheap An' Nasty    
    4. Judgment Day    
    5. Now You're Gone    
    6. The Deeper The Love    
    7. Sailing Ships    
    8. Wings Of The Storm    
    9. Slow Poke Music    
    10. Fool For Your Loving    
    11. Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side)    
    12. Now You're Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix)    
    13. Cheap An' Nasty (Alternate Solo & End)    
    14. Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown)    
    15. Fool For Your Loving (Vai Voltage Mix)    
    16. Judgment Day (Alternate& Extended Solos)    
    17. Fool For Your Loving (AOR Mix With CHR Intro)