Considering the '60s psychedelic heavy metal sound which Wolfmother gained fame with in 2006 with their debut album Wolfmother, they could be called 'a band out of time'.


Andrew Stockdale, Chris Ross and Myles Heskett formed the band in 2000 and in 2004 they recorded a four-track demo so they could book shows. From then on the band shifted into a higher gear: a jump to the majors, the release of their eponymous self-titled debut album and a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2007.


With this mind blowing Rock album your stereo doesn't need to go to eleven to get that extra push over the edge!


    1. Dimension
    2. White Unicorn
    3. Woman               
    4. Where Eagles Have Been
    5. Apple Tree
    6. Joker And The Thief
    7. Colossal
    8. Mind's Eye
    9. Pyramid              
    10. Witchcraft
    11. Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes
    12. Love Train
    13. Vagabond