James Yorkston releases his new album ‘The Route To The Harmonium’. The album was almost entirely recorded by James himself, in the small Scottish fishing village of Cellardyke, where he lives. Yorkston’s studio is a ramshackle old loft space, originally used to repair fisherman’s nets and now stuffed full with the antique instruments James has collected throughout his life as a musician. 
Having created hours of recordings, James called up his old collaborator David Wrench - the mixer and producer who has worked with the likes of Caribou, Four Tet, Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs and David Byrne - to help make sense of the sessions. 
‘The Route To The Harmonium’ (or, ‘the search for peace’) is the sound of home, of undisturbed craftmanship. Listen closely and you can imagine him putting it together. 
Friends and family past and present swim all over his songs. Remembering them - and those you’ve shared life with - is the strongest thread running through these affecting, extraordinary songs. “When a friend jumps ship it’s always a haymaker to the gut, you know? And this album is about them, but it’s more about us, us who are left behind...” he says. 
Also available to independent retailers on heavyweight dark green vinyl with poster and digital download card.


    1. Your Beauty Could Not Save You
    2. The Irish Wars Of Independence
    3. Like Bees To Foxglove
    4. Shallow
    5. The Blue Of The Thistle
    6. Brittle
    7. My Mouth Ain’t No Bible
    8. Solitary Islands All
    9. The Villages I Have Known My Entire Life
    10. Oh Me, Oh My
    11. Yorkston Athletic
    12. A Footnote To An Epitaph
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