Are You Searching For The Best Vinyl Record Shops?

Whether you’re a keen collector of vintage records or you’re new to the world of vinyl, you’ll find an unbeatable choice at Rival Records.


Music can help us get through some of the most difficult times in our lives. Many studies have shown that both listening to and creating music has various positive effects on mood and mental health. It can not only elevate your mood and motivation but aid relaxation.


Many music lovers find they love vinyl records above all other mediums. Nothing beats having a tangible record you can hold and physically play, which has a unique record sleeve with distinctive artwork that reminds you of your favourite artists.


Discover both classic and new releases at Rival Records.


If you’re searching for vinyl record shops that enable you to order online, Rival Records always has an awesome choice of records to choose from. Whatever genre is your particular favourite, we have everything from rock and pop through to metal.


We frequently have highly sought-after limited edition records that are ideal for collectors. Our current best sellers include those from Gary Numan, Sleaford Mods, the Libertines, and Spoon.


If you’re looking for vinyl record shops, don’t forget to explore Rival Records today. Or simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information on any of our records.

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