Limited Vinyl Releases

Whether you’re an avid collector, or an easy listener, or just want to give a good gift heading into the new decade, we have what you’re looking for at Rival Records. Not just do we have brand new releases on Vinyl, but we also have a number of classic albums, so that you can relive or even experience for the first time the glory days of vinyl.


We at Rival Records pride ourselves on selling the best new music, classic vinyls and even limited vinyl releases. We’ve been operating independently for the last five years, appreciating music and spreading it to the public. Our vinyls will spread beautifully smooth music across the room in a quality unmatched. Being a fashion statement in enough themselves, they will let you relax and jam out just the way you want to.


Part of our limited vinyl releases includes recordings that have been previously unavailable, such as the Cream BBC Sessions vinyl, which holds content from 2003, packaged together in one beautiful gatefold sleeve, featuring bonus interviews with members of the band.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d like Hooverphonics Sit Down and Listen To, a collection of the best tracks from the band hooverphonic, released on vinyl, featuring at least one song from each other previous albums.


We know you’ll find the right vinyl for your record player with Rival Records. We love to talk music and we understand the power of music. If you’d like to find out more about what we offer, simply get in touch by filling out the provided form, or by giving us a ring on: 0113 294 9621.

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