Looking For Independent Vinyl Record Shops Online?

Whether you’re searching for classic albums or limited editions, Rival Records is committed to connecting you with music you love.


It’s funny to think that for much of human history recorded music didn’t exist. For thousands of years the only music people heard was played live. Many feel that vinyl records come the closest to capturing the timbre and clarity of live music.


Vinyl remains one of the most popular of mediums for music lovers, thanks to the quality of the recordings and the unique look of these types of the albums.


Based in Hatherleigh in Devon, you can either visit our vinyl record shop or make a quick order online. We always have the latest releases available. Our most recent arrivals include Boy from Michigan by John Grant which is his most autobiographical and melodic work to date.


This American singer-songwriter is a former member of the Denver-based alternative rock band the Czars. Having embarked on a solo career in 2010, he’s enjoyed critical acclaim with his debut solo album winning ‘best album of the year’ from Mojo Magazine.


If you’re looking for the best vinyl record shops, don’t forget to find out more about Rival Records. Or simply drop us a line for more information on any of our products.

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