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'Post' is the second studio album by Icelandic recording artist Bjork, released in June 1995. Continuing the style developed on previous album 'Debut', 'Post' is considered an important performance of art pop. It features an eclectic mixture of electronic and dance styles such as techno, trip hop, IDM, and house, but also ambient, jazz, industrial, and experimental music. Bjork wrote most of the songs after moving to London, and intended 'Post' to convey the city's pace, urban culture, and underground club culture.




    1. Army Of Me
    2. Hyper-Ballad
    3. The Modern Things
    4. It's Oh So Quiet    
    5. Enjoy    
    6. You've Been Flirting Again
    7. Isobel    
    8. Possibly Maybe
    9. I Miss You    
    10. Cover Me    
    11. Headphones
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