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'Electric', the group's third album, originally released in 1987, caused the band to explode to new levels of fame. It contains the massive hits 'Love Removal Machine', Wild Flower' and 'Lil' Devil' and was produced by Rick Rubin. A seminal work, the album features some of the band's most iconic songs. It is a departure from the band's previous work, with a raw, aggressive and stripped-down sound. The album's opening track, 'Wild Flower', sets the tone with its pounding drums, blistering guitar riffs, and Ian Astbury's powerful vocals.




    1. Wild Flower
    2. Peace Dog
    3. Lil' Devil
    4. Aphrodisiac Jacket
    5. Electric Ocean
    6. Bad Fun
    7. King Countrary Man
    8. Love Removal Machine
    9. Born To Be Wild
    10. Outlaw
    11. Memphis Hipshake
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