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Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, is a set about "God and all the questions related to the subject of God," says its creator, E. A homemade epic, it's an imaginative, emotional reflection on the condition of living, recorded mostly in Everett's Los Angeles basement over a period of several years. Sprawling over its two discs on CD and triple LPs on vinyl are songs about faith, responsibility, growing up, dignity, disappointment, comfort, hope and renewal. Echoes of Everett's Virginia youth are heard during a fever-dreamed summer night's picnic inside the Civil War-era graveyard near his family's house ("In the Yard, Behind the Church), while the engineer of a dying travel industry laments the long gone Washington and Old Dominion Railroad that once ran nearby ("Railroad Man").Finally completed in 2004, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations rides a wide aural spectrum of sometimes disparate, ghostly sounds—from the saxophone sextet gospel of "Son Of A Bitch," to the surf-rock operatic wail of "Old Shit/New Shit." There's the apocalyptic fire and brimstone of "The Other Shoe," and then there's the Jackie Wilson-in-cyberspace existential celebration of "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)." The album is full of unusual instrumentation and some notable guest stars. One song ("Last Time We Spoke") features Everett's hound dog, Bobby, Jr., howling a lonesome solo. A few songs later, Eels-fan-turned-collaborator Tom Waits cries a solo—literally—("Going Fetal"). Later, R.E.M. Guitarist Peter Buck (making his second appearance on an Eels album) plays dobro, guitar and bass (the Buck co-written "To Lick Your Boots"), and on an album that prominently features the autoharp on several songs, it's exciting to know that the king of rock and roll autoharp, The Lovin' Spoonful's John Sebastian, makes a rare appearance, playing autoharp on one track ("Dusk: A Peach In The Orchard," co-written by Sebastian).




    1. Theme From Blinking Lights
    2. From Which I Came/A Magic World
    3. Son Of A Bitch
    4. Blinking Lights (For Me)
    5. Trouble With Dreams
    6. Marie Floating Over The Backyard
    7. Suicide Life
    8. In The Yard, Behind The Church
    9. Railroad Man
    10. The Other Shoe
    11. Last Time We Spoke
    12. Mother Mary
    13. Going Fetal
    14. Understanding Salesman
    15. Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists
    16. Checkout Blues
    17. Blinking Lights (For You)
    18. Dust Of Ages
    19. Old Shit/New Shit
    20. Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights
    21. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
    22. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
    23. To Lick Your Boots
    24. If You See Natalie
    25. Sweet Li'l Thing
    26. Dusk: A Peach In The Orchard
    27. Whatever Happened To Soy Bomb
    28. Ugly Love
    29. God's Silence
    30. Losing Streak
    31. Last Days Of My Bitter Heart
    32. The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight
    33. Things The Grandchildren Should Know
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