The Seldom Seen Kid is Elbow's fourth studio album and first since joining the roster of Fiction Records. Produced by keyboard player, Craig Potter, the album is the follow up to 2005’s universally acclaimed ‘Leaders Of The Free World’. The lyrical core of ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ sees Guy Garvey address the key questions of life. Over the 11 tracks the big themes of love and loss become the central focus of an album that sees Elbow, a band universally recognised for their musical ability and innovation, stretch their sonic template further than ever before.


    1. Starlings 
    2. The Bones Of You 
    3. Mirrorball 
    4. Grounds For Divorce 
    5. An Audience With The Pope 
    6. Weather To Fly 
    7. The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver 
    8. The Fix 
    9. Some Riot 
    10. One Day Like This 
    11. Friend Of Ours