The second greatest hits album by the Irish singer/songwriter, originally released in November 2009. After promoting her seventh studio album 'And Winter Came...' (2008), Enya's label Warner Music requested that she release a new greatest hits album of her favourite songs of her career. She agreed to the project, and chose a selection with her longtime collaborators, producer and arranger Nicky Ryan and his wife, lyricist Roma Ryan.


    1. Orinoco Flow
    2. Aniron (I Desire)
    3. Storms In Africa
    4. Caribbean Blue
    5. Books Of Days
    6. The Celts
    7. Only Time
    8. Wild Child
    9. Water Shows The Hidden Heart
    10. Anywhere Is
    11. Cursum Perficio    
    12. Amarantine
    13. Aldebaran
    14. Trains And Winter Rains
    15. Watermark
    16. Boadicea
    17. A Day Without Rain
    18. May It Be
    19. Oiche Chiuin (Chorale)